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Interview: Three Days Grace's New Voice

By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Before the black leather-clad Three Days Grace took the stage at Electric Factory in Philadelphia, poised to rip through a set of record number one active rock singles, the guys are very excited about...laundry.

"They had laundry facilities here today so tonight's going to be a bonus because we're actually going to be on stage wearing clean clothes" says drummer Neil Sanderson. "I'm pretty stoked about that."

The Canadian band appears renewed beyond just their fresh linen scent. They released Human in March, their first with new lead singer Matt Walst after original vocalist Adam Gontier abruptly parted ways with the band in 2013.

"I grew up around the guys. My brother plays in the band so I watched Three Days Grace go from being in my basement as a kid to then being in arenas" explains singer Walst, brother of bassist Brad Walst. "I was always around for these songs, so what the guys were going through I was going through too, like hard times and sickness in the family. So where the songs come from I feel it too. And on stage I feel it."

Walst has been more than accepted as the new voice singing Three Day Grace's previous successes; he has also continued the tradition with a handful of hits emerging through Human.

Meanwhile though, their former lead singer Gontier has started fresh himself with the new band Saint Asonia. It's a fact that Sanderson diplomatically parried behind the stage before their show in Philadelphia. "Listen, life is short and we're all out here for the reason of being passionate for music so we just focus on what we do and what we love and that's what really matters to us. We just kind of focus on our own thing but, life is too short to really look backwards in any respect, in any avenue of life" he explains.

"I think the band has been regenerated and everyone's a lot happier out on the road" adds Walst on the band's new lineup. "It's much better".

Behind the grinding attack of Three Days Grace is a rejuvenated, thoughtful group of gentlemen, charged with the excitement of a new chapter. "Polite until midnight" laughs Sanderson.

To hear more from Three Days Grace check out the full interview below, or watch the video here.

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