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Interview: Magic And Music With BØRNS

By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- BØRNS is the soulful singer of enchanting electro-pop who strutted across the stage of Electric Factory Friday night in Philadelphia.

Garrett Borns is the softer-spoken man behind the music who is tired of talking about living in a treehouse, being endorsed by Taylor Swift, and his Michigan childhood as a magician.

All of those things are true - a treehouse really serves as his home in Los Angeles, Swift really loves his single "Electric Love", and he was indeed a 10-year-old magician. He's just over the discussion.

"Don't believe anything that Wikipedia says" BØRNS explains in an attempt to deflect. "It's just one of those things that's a popular interview topic."

But, we already bought the deck of cards on the ride over, so we forced him to suffer through it one more time.

"There was like some magicians in this town that I grew up in. They had regular gigs at restaurants, and I was just really fascinated by that. I was like why don't I have my own gig at a restaurant" BØRNS remembers.

After some studying and adding enough tricks to the bag, BØRNS set out into the competitive and spellbinding arena of table-side magic.

"I really liked the challenge of it, because a lot of times people just thought I was like trying to sell them candy bars or something. I'm walking around a restaurant, with a nice buttoned-up shirt and my hair parted, and I'm like 'excuse me, hello' - and everyone at the dinner table is like, what is this kid trying" explains BØRNS. "They would kind of warm up once they saw I was doing magic at other tables."

With magic mostly behind him, the focus is now music. Dopamine is the debut from BØRNS which has received a lot of love since its release in October. He says he'll get to work on the follow-up once he heads home from the road.

"I've had little bits of one day here or there when I'm off in L.A. to get some ideas down, just demo-wise, but once I'm done with the tour this fall I'm gonna get in the studio and be in there a while."

To hear the full interview with BØRNS, listen below. To see his magic in action, check out the video here.


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