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Interview: From Fish To Family For New Found Glory

By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  Before playing a sold-out show at Electric Factory in Philadelphia on Friday night, New Found Glory singer Jordan Pundik remembers how it all got started - furiously searching for a name while working at Red Lobster.

"I'm like scrambling looking through books and things like that," remembers Pundik. "Somehow the conversation of The Get Up Kids came up and we're all big fans of The Get Up Kids, you know, still are - they have a song called 'A New Found Interest In Massachusetts'. For some reason that kind of turned a light bulb on. Then I drew like a flag burning on the piece of paper with like an anarchy sign. This was before the band was what we are. When we were trying to find out who we were," he laughs. "And then I wrote A New Found Glory and it just stuck."

Eighteen years later, New Found Glory has managed to stick through multiple generations, picking up new fans along the way as each album passes. From the thirty-somethings to the kids in second semester, the band has grown as others simply just specialize in nostalgia. "We do still have a very big mix of young and older," Pundik explains before taking the stage. "I think that's what keeps up relevant is like, your brothers and sisters telling their siblings about us and keeping it going."

Just as the audience expands, so does the home of the New Found Glory singer. Having two young sons has definitely changed what it's like to tour for Pundik. "I have one that's five - he just turned five - I mean he could care less about watching me play. It's more like coming here and eating Lucky Charms and me taking him to the Lego store," says Pundik as he describes taking the family out on the road. "My two-year-old is starting to have a personality and he likes to watch me play and stuff. I think it's more of the fact that they are able to experience it with me as their Dad."

For Jordan, it's a welcome distraction from the time before a show which is usually reserved for overthinking everything. "I'm kind of a neurotic person and a nervous person, especially when it comes to having to sing and having to play shows. So it definitely keeps my mind off focusing on the show all day."

To hear more from Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory listen to the full interview below, or watch it here.


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