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Inaugural Science Fair For Adults Takes Over University City Square

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A science fair for a grown up crowd.

On Sunday, the PHS Pop Up Garden at University City Square played host to the inaugural Adult Science Fair.

Jill Weber and her husband Evan started the event to give people a platform to display their scientific ideas.

"It's based on your average elementary school or middle school science fair, but these are adults who have ideas, concepts, projects surrounding urban sustainability," Weber said.

Ryan Simms is one of this year's science fair participants, and he entered a next generation wind turbine into the competition. Simms even had a miniature model to display.

"Come up with a new kind of wind turbine, that does not need a structure, a massive support pole, it could fixes itself to an existing structure like a light pole, pretty much anything around you," he said. "That means we can bring the cost of wind turbine way down.

First place in the competition, gets a $1000 in cash.

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