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Inaugural Coed Class To Graduate From Rosemont College

By Paul Kurtz

ROSEMONT, Pa. (CBS) - Saturday's graduation ceremony at Rosemont College will be a momentous event as the inaugural class of coeds receives their diplomas.

Eric Diana was among about 60 male freshmen to break the gender barrier four years ago.

"It was kind of a rough transition because, you know, we weren't sure where we fit in on campus," he explained.

But by the second semester Diana says things had quieted down.

"It wasn't a huge issue but we kind of persevered through it. And we were able to make friends and show the people that were there before us that we weren't out to get them. We were just trying to have an opportunity just like they were to succeed," Diana says.

Rosemont's decision to go coed was driven in large part by a one million dollar deficit and it followed the lead of Immaculata and Chestnut Hill.

Both schools doubled their enrollment after admitting men.

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