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In Philadelphia, Focus Turns To Next Year's Race For Mayor

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- One day after the election, the political focus in Philadelphia is instantly shifting to next year's race for mayor -- particularly the all-important May Democratic primary.

Between now and May 19th you can expect to hear a lot about the mayor's race, particularly who's in and who's out.

Already three Democrats are definitely in: Terry Gillen, Ken Trujillo and Lynne Abraham. Considered likely to jump in soon are State Senator Anthony Williams and City Controller Alan Butkovitz.

Then there are a host of possible entrants, with Council President Darrell Clark, former solicitor Nelson Diaz and councilman Jim Kenney being talked about.

Also up for grabs next spring are all seventeen seats on City Council, with every incumbent who's not running for mayor expected to seek re-election.

Four out of five city voters are Democrat, so the primary is considered likely to determine the win of the general election for mayor in one year. Get set for a busy six months.

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