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In Central Pennsylvania, Controversy Over a Kinder, Gentler Gun Show

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) -- The British firm that runs a huge outdoor show in Harrisburg, Pa. has drawn the ire of sportsmen for its decision to ban the display and sale of certain weapons at this year's upcoming show.

The ban at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show apparently extends to semi-automatic rifles, although the show's web site says only that it has decided "not to include certain products" that might attract attention in the current climate.

But Stephen Mohr, chairman of the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania, says if the plan was to avoid publicity, it has backfired.

"Yeah, I think they more than called attention to it -- I think they threw fuel right onto the open fire," he told KYW Newsradio today.

And Mohr says he's hearing talk of a boycott of the show.

"And that's a concern of everyone, because we pay good money to have a stand or a booth at that show, and we expect to have a very large attendance."

Mohr says he's disappointed that the people who run the show have, in his words, "basically caved to political pressure."

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