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I'm Ready For Some Football!

By: Andy Wheeler

If you don't count the game on Wednesday, which I can't because it was between 2 teams I hate and I had no players going, then the fantasy season starts tomorrow!  I'm very excited for the games, but less excited about getting up early and going on TV. 

It means I have to have a relaxed Saturday night so I can look as good and rested on the air tomorrow as possible.  Considering I don't look all that great to begin with the least I can do is try not to have bags under my eyes. 

I've already called my cable provider today to make sure that the Red Zone is in fact a part of my cable plan and that I will be able to watch the greatest invention in television since the remote control.  I'm ready!  SOOOOO ready!

The topics for tomorrow's segment on Cure Auto Insurance Sunday Kickoff are 3 guys I don't think should be on the waiver wire, my 3 favorite match ups and my 3 least favorite matchups.  Here's a sneak preview of what I think before I go on TV and make it look good!

3 Guys that shouldn't be on your waiver wire:

Dexter McCluster
Listen, I'm a huge McCluster fan.  I've been waiting for him to break out since he was drafted out of Mississippi in 2010.  He's 2 inches shorter than DeSean Jackson and weighs the same so he's tiny…but just like Jackson every time Dexter touches the ball the potential for a touchdown is there.  With Matt Cassel healthy he and McCluster got a lot of work together this preseason with Dwayne Bowe holding out.  He's listed as a RB for the time being but will be working from the Slot.  I have my fingers crossed that this is the year and if he has a massive day or week, I'd rather it be on my bench then on the wire.

Kendall Wright
Kenny Britt is out, and that means Wright the rookie will get additional looks early on.  He was Robert Griffin III's favorite receiver at Baylor and by all accounts he and his new quarterback Jake Locker are getting along just great.  He had the most catches of any receiver on the Titans in the preseason and he's the kind of guy that can do some damage. 

Tim Tebow
Listen, I know that this may sound dumb to be bringing up his name, but he should be owned by somebody in every league.  For the most part there are better quarterbacks all over the place.  Chances are you have 2 of them that you would consider better than he is already.  However, I think eventually the starting job in New York will be his and if that's the case he was a steady contributor of points to many a fantasy owner last season.  Top 15 or Top 10 production is possible because of the rushing yards.  All of you know this.  Why do I bring up his name?  Because right now on the site I use for Fantasy Football he's owned in only 24% of leagues. 

3 Favorite Match Ups:

Jimmy Graham vs. Redskins
This is a no brainer because you're never going to sit him.  Period.  However, week 1 could be big for Mr. Graham.  Washington was 30th against tight ends last season.  And a team that bad, despite my hatred of using rankings from last season, going up against one of the 2 best players at his position could mean an enormous game.  Graham owners are going to feel real good about how high they picked him in the draft tomorrow.

Matt Forte vs. Colts
He may not get the goal line work anymore, but Forte has a new deal and is ready to go for the season.  The Colts defense stunk last year and my guess is it will stink this year too…just a little less.  150 all purpose yards and a score are totally possible, maybe more.

Danny Amendola vs. Lions
PPR league players already know about Danny but after an injury last season I think maybe people forgot just how much the ball ends up in this guys hands.  Sam Bradford missed him last season.  They will make up for it early and often this year.  The yards maybe won't be there, but the receptions will be.  All we need is for a few of those catches to be in the end zone.  I think he scores this week, maybe more than once. 

3 Least Favorite Match Ups:

Maurice Jones-Drew vs. Vikings
He's not starting.  And when he does play he's only going to be as a 3rd down back.  To me there has to be better options for MJD owners on their roster.  However on his own radio show last night when asked if he'll be effective tomorrow, MJD said "I was a 3rd down back a few years ago and scored 16 touchdowns".  To me if you own him you need to fight the urge to play him until he's definitely going to get 20+ carries a game.  Tomorrow expect 10 to 15 total touches.

Reggie Bush vs. Texans
I've never liked Reggie Bush.  I've never believed in him.  Last year he made me look stupid (which isn't that hard sometimes).  However this match up stinks.  The Texans defense allowed just 7 rushing touchdowns last season.  Also the Texans didn't allow a running back to catch a TD pass against them all season.  Considering Houston will probably be sitting on the run all game long I'll be shocked if Bush has a good game.

Trent Richardson vs. Eagles
2 offseason knee surgeries and very little preseason work makes me think that it's going to be a wait and see with Richardson.  Especially with a suspect passing game that Browns are putting on the field.  I didn't draft him and I sure as heck wouldn't play him tomorrow. 

Feel free to tweet me @TheAndyWheeler with questions or email me at  Good luck tomorrow!

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