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Ike Reese: 'Not Spending 20th Pick On Mariota, Sticking With Foles'

By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- Since the Eagles season ended on December 28th, fans have been orchestrating all kinds of scenarios and theories in which Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Marcus Mariota ends up in Philly.

The Eagles have the 20th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft and Mariota is a projected to be a top-five overall selection, possibly No. 1. So while Mariota wearing midnight green seems nearly impossible, we all continue to dream for the ideal situation of M-squared magically falling into Chip Kelly's lap at No. 20.

Well, all of us except former Eagles Pro Bowl linebacker and co-host of 94WIP's Mike & Ike Show, Ike Reese.

"No," Reese told co-host Glen Macnow on Wednesday, when asked if he would 'spend the whole farm' for Mariota. "I'm not even spending the 20th pick to get Mariota. I think the kid can play, we just don't have a need for a quarterback in my opinion."

Listen to Ike Reese and Glen Macnow on the 94WIP Mike & Ike Show


Reese says fans are taking Nick Foles, who is 14-4 as a starter, for granted.

"Kid won me over, I learned to appreciate his play," Reese said of Foles. "Like I said, instead of looking at the kid for what he doesn't do well, look at things he does well. And there are far more things he does well, than what he does not do well. So, I've learned to accept it."

The signal-caller for the Eagles' during Reese's tenure, seven seasons (1998-2004) highlighted by the unforgettable 2004 NFC Championship team, was Donovan McNabb, arguably the greatest quarterback in franchise history.

"I know how hard it is to find a quarterback that you can believe in and hitch your wagon to, not just as a city, but as an organization and teammates that you believe in," Reese said. "And I think this kid has it. And is there room to grow? Yes, there is. There's room to grow, there's things he needs to improve on, but I like most of what I see in Nick Foles."

"This whole idea of, Nick Foles is not an elite quarterback, he's never gonna win anything," Reese said later in the show. "I can give you plenty of elite quarterbacks that didn't win the Super Bowl, starting with my favorite quarterback, Dan Marino. Want me to give you mobile quarterbacks that didn't win a thing? You know we can down the list with those guys."

Reese's main point? Quarterback is not a need the Eagles need to address this offseason.

"I bring this up to say, it's important to have a quarterback that can win games. You build the team around the guy."



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