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I-Team Investigation: Bradley Stone's Troubled Past

By Charlotte Huffman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  Court documents obtained by Eyewitness News Tuesday revealed Montgomery County shooter Bradley Stone's troubled past.

The 35-year-old Iraqi war veteran's criminal record includes multiple charges for driving under the influence.

Stone was arrested in 2001 for DUI and was admitted to a first offender program.

In 2003, he was back in court for another DUI, where he pled guilty.

In 2013, Stone was arrested once again for DUI after crashing his car into a ditch. He pled guilty and was later admitted to a veteran treatment program.

Stone, a sergeant with the United States Marine Corps Reserve, served about eight years until his discharge in 2011. His service includes a 2008 combat tour in Iraq, where he suffered combat injuries.

According to court documents, as of 2013, Stone was continuing treatment at the VAMC for PTSD and related conditions.

In January, Stone was unable to pay court fines and a physician deemed him unemployable and totally disabled as a result of PTSD.

Court records show Stone was fighting for custody of his five- and eight-year-old daughters during the week leading up to the killing spree that left Stone's ex-wife, Nicole, dead.

"Just last week he had made an effort to secure custody of the children, and that was denied," said Montgomery County District Attorney, Risa Vetri Ferman.

On the same day that Stone is believed to have gone on the shooting rampage that killed Nicole and five members of her family, Stone posted a photo with his daughters on Facebook saying, "A man who doesn't fight for his kids is a sorrowful man."

Stone recently re-married and became the father of a third child. His wife and all three children were taken to safety on Monday.

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