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'I Feel Good About Pennsylvania': Joe Biden Makes One Final Push For Votes In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden visited his hometown of Scranton on Election Day, including the house where he lived until he was 10. After that, he headed to Philadelphia for one final push for votes in a state that could ultimately make a difference if he wins this election.

"The energy has been overwhelming," Biden told Eyewitness News in a one-on-one interview Tuesday at the National Constitution Center on Independence Mall.

Biden says he's energized by the lines of voters he's seeing at polls all around the country on this Election Day and the record-shattering amount of mail-in ballots already received.

"People are determined to vote. As I've been told as I flew down from Scranton, that more people are likely to vote in this election than any time in American history. They're estimating maybe 156 million people," Biden said.

Two-and-a-half million mail-in ballots have already been received in Pennsylvania, voter turnout at the polls is high, and the Biden/Harris campaign has made it clear that they have been squarely focused on the commonwealth.

Biden has been crisscrossing the state in the final hours of the campaign, knowing the swing state could decide the election. But for him, a win here is much more personal.

"So many states in play that weren't in play before. I feel good about Pennsylvania, it's my home state, I feel pride in Pennsylvania and I very much personally would like to win Pennsylvania just as a matter of pride," Biden said.

Biden believes concerns about the economy, health care and the pandemic are driving voters to the polls. He had one final message for voters as to why he should be in the White House.

"In Joe Biden's America, there's no red states or blue states," Biden said. "I'm running for president as a proud Democrat but I'll be a president for all the people."

After the interview at the National Constitution Center, he made a stop at Relish for lunch in West Oak Lane.

He will be watching the returns at home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Polls in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware close at 8 p.m. Stay with CBS3, CBSN Philly, and the CBS Philly app for exclusive local reaction and live results.


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