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Philadelphia Rolls Out Red Carpet For Adam Sandler On Eve Of Netflix Movie 'Hustle' Release

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia on Tuesday night rolled out the red carpet for Adam Sandler. The actor's new movie "Hustle" was shot in the City of Brotherly and Eyewitness News was at the screening on the eve of the film's Netflix release.

There was a full house, complete with a red carpet at the Philadelphia Film Center on Tuesday for the premiere of "Hustle," a movie directed by Philly native Jeremiah Zagar and starring Sandler with lots of Philly cameos all to tell a story with this beautiful city almost serving as it's a muse.

"He wanted to make it as Philly as possible," Sandler said. "We just listened to whatever Jeremiah said to do and we ate our Ishkabibble's, right?"

And Zagar made it a point to let the city shine.

"Also like the little things, like the murals that Adam referenced like you don't know those unless you're from Philadelphia," Zagar said. "You don't know that Dr. J mural unless you're from Philadelphia, you don't know those murals in deep South Philly unless you're from Philadelphia. That was the goal. The goal was to make it as authentic and city-centric as possible."

It's an experience that has left Sandler rather impressed.

"After I left here, I had no idea about so many things, how beautiful it was, how calm it is on the weekends," Sandler said. "Everybody's kind of in a good mood, a lot of together, fun feelings of, just good to have kids running around. Restaurants were great. People were great. Great energy."

In the film, Sandler is a scout for the Philadelphia 76ers. He's married to Queen Latifah and they have a daughter. His job sees him frequently traveling and rarely at home. On one of his scouting trips, he discovers a talented Spanish player who he wants the Sixers to draft -- that's all Eyewitness News is giving away, but Philadelphian fans will recognize this guy.

"Oh man, it was a dream come true," Sixers forward Tobias Harris said. "I never really had acting aspirations as a kid. But to be able to be on set, to learn from him, he's one of the coolest and most humble guys I've ever met in my life. He brought that every single day and everybody around him, you could just see that energy flowing from him, how calm he is and how supportive he is, it was awesome."

And this guy, who appreciated the dedication to making this a Philly-centric movie.

"It's great because Adam was here, not just filming a movie but he was throughout the City of Philadelphia," former Sixers general manager Billy King. "He embraced the city, and that was what was great about him filming the movie here."

The basketball scenes in the movie? How's this for a stamp of approval?

"It's a really authentic basketball movie in terms of heart and passion," Kenny Smith, a two-time NBA champion, said. "But in terms of the scenes, you've got the best players in the world doing it."

Hollywood meets Philly as only Philly can do it.

"Hustle" debuts Wednesday on Netflix.

CBS3's Wakisha Bailey contributed to this report.

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