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Husband Of San Bernardino Victim Backs Apple

By Charles Riley

PHILADELPHIA (CNN) -- The husband of a victim of the San Bernardino terror attack has backed Apple in its fight over the security of its iPhones.

Salihin Kondoker's wife Anies was shot three times during the attack, but survived.

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While she recovers, he's advocating on Apple's behalf as the company resists a court order directing it to break into the iPhone owned by Syed Farook, one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Apple argues that breaking into the phone would create a backdoor that could be exploited by hackers. And it could encourage other entities and governments to demand access.

In a letter addressed to Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym, Kondoker wrote that he was initially "frustrated" to hear that Apple opposed the court's order, but came to share the company's fears after he learned more about its position.

"I believe privacy is important and Apple should stay firm in their decision," Kondoker wrote. "Neither I, nor my wife, want to raise our children in a world where privacy is the tradeoff for security."

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The FBI insists that its request is limited. It is simply trying to get into this one particular iPhone.

In his letter, Kondoker questioned whether any meaningful information is even stored on the device.

The iPhone in question was not Farook's personal smartphone -- it was a work phone provided by San Bernardino County, his employer, and therefore an unlikely place to store sensitive data.

"Why ... would someone store vital contacts related to an attack on a phone they knew the county had access to?" Kondoker asked. "My wife also had an iPhone issued by the County and she did not use it for any personal communication."

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In addition to Kondoker's letter, several other individuals and organizations are expected to file documents with the court supporting

Apple's decision to fight the order. The ACLU filed one such brief on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, other victims of the attack and family members have sided with the FBI.

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