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'We Go One Day At A Time': Pennsylvania Family Battling Terminal Disease Loses Home In Ida Flooding

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) -- A Pennsylvania family already fighting an insurmountable battle is now facing devastating damage from last week's flooding.

The Vance family was dealt a blow Wednesday night when the remnants of Hurricane Ida brought heavy rains, flooding the Perkiomen Creek near their home. The home soon filled with water, washing away furniture and memories.

"We lost everything," Jeff Vance told CBS3, describing the entire situation as 'tough. "It's many years in that house."

The patriarch said the water came rushing in just around 10 that night. Everything in the water's path - appliances, family heirlooms, and equipment for the family construction business - was destroyed.

It also nearly trapped the family inside. Sons Brandon and Kyle were in the basement when Jeff said the flooding began, hitting 6 to 8 feet quickly.

"It was a matter of maybe two minutes before this entire thing was filled up with water," Brandon told Eyewitness News.

The two sons dodged debris as they scrambled to get out of the flooding basement.

"It was one of the scariest things," he said.

They made it to the stairway and eventually to safety.

The Vance family understands what it's like to lose a home. Eight years ago, however, it was from another kind of unexpected blow.

"I have Amyloidosis," Jeff explained to CBS3. "I'm in remission right now, got done chemo in December."

This is Jeff's fourth try at chemotherapy after an unsuccessful bone marrow transplant to impede the rare blood disorder. The disease and mounting medical bills forced the family into bankruptcy.

The disease is terminal, not a matter of if but when will it return.

Everything weighs heavily on Kyle, who just launched his professional golfing career less than a month ago. It's a career rooted in his relationship with Jeff.

"I was playing golf for myself, but also for my dad because he was pretty much on his death bed - but I was trying to win to put a smile on his face," Kyle said.

Despite his gleaming future, family is on his mind.

"I mean, family comes first in this family," he said.

In a family that has felt so much anguish and pressure already, the Vances are choosing to see the positives and humor.

"We always look at everything that the Lord put us in these situations because he wants something from us to help someone else," Jeff said. "So for some reason, this is going to help someone."

Seeing the purpose and point of it all - in the face of the unknown.

"We don't know, we go one day at a time," Jeff said.

To help the Vance family, click here to donate to their GoFundMe fundraiser.

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