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Hundreds Of Runners Tackle Heat At Second Annual Mayor's Cup

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The stifling heat and humidity didn't keep running teams across Philadelphia from competing in the second annual Mayor's Cup on Saturday.

"They moved the race up half an hour but, it's still really tough out there," said runner Justin Smart. "I'm really hot, and really sweaty."

Smart stood with a bottle of water in each hand as he worked to replenish the pounds of salty fluids he lost during his ten-mile run.

He's one of 800 plus runners who competed in the Mayor's Cup at the Belmont Plateau. The race consisted of five events, including a half marathon. With temperatures nearly 85 degrees at the start of the race and expected to feel close to 110, the heat was a serious challenge.

"It slowed me down," said runner Jamie Morgansen, "but it didn't stop me."

But the excessive heat was too much for some.

"My heart was racing," said Leon, who was forced to drop out of the race. "I pretty much knew I was going to be cooked."

Medics were on hand and water was available to runners all across the course, but Leon wasn't only in finding the heat unbearable.

"We had a couple of half marathoners drop out, said Joe Berdoff from Run the Day, the group that timed the race. "They were just like, 'I'm not feeling it.'"

His advice -- stay hydrated, and if you feel the heat, find some place to cool off.

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