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Howie Roseman, On The Hot Seat?

By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Is Eagles general manager Howie Roseman on the hot seat?

After all, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie fired Chip Kelly less than a year after giving him personnel power and said this offseason that his "number one priority is accountability."

Daily News columnist Marcus Hayes joined Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show to discuss his column expressing his displeasure with Roseman.

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"The premise is, if you only give Chip 11 months, why should Howie get anymore after he had three years to begin with," Hayes said on Wednesday. "[Roseman] told you Chip was the best hire, hired Doug Pederson, and oversaw four of the five years of -- what I would say is -- underachievement. And he's been in the organization for 16 years now and since he rose to power, really in 2010 but even more so in 2012, the franchise has been just horrible. It's been terrible."

Listen: Marcus Hayes on the 94WIP Morning Show


Many folks have given Roseman some leeway, because of the lack of talent he was left with. DeSean Jackson was released, LeSean McCoy was traded, and Jeremy Maclin was not re-signed under Kelly.

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"Well the first guy that left, DeSean, left when Howie was still in power," Hayes clarified. "So I'll discount that a little bit. The other two guys [McCoy and Maclin] and Evan Mathis -- who I think was a huge loss, who I still think they struggle without even though he's retired -- those were Chip's moves. That's a fine argument. There's a great argument to say, 'You only gave Chip 11 months. What are you thinking? You owe him a lot of money, he's innovative, can he learn?' So maybe Chip shouldn't have been fired.

"But again, if you're going to set this precedent and say 15 times in two press conferences, 'It's all about accountability.' And your definition, Jeffrey Lurie's definition of accountability is 11 months and you're gone? Then four months and 11 months seems to be fair."


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