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Howie Roseman: Goff, Wentz Is Like 'Vanilla Or Chocolate'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There are two quarterback prospects that stand above all the rest: Carson Wentz and Jared Goff.

The Eagles, who announced on Wednesday that they acquired the second overall pick in the draft from the Browns, will undoubtedly get one of the two. But which one will they get? More intriguingly, which one do they want? 

"We're very sure we're going to get the player we want," Eagles vice president of personnel Howie Roseman said during a press conference on Wednesday.

With the Rams moving up to get pick No. 1 last week, Roseman also admitted he is not completely sure which quarterback Los Angeles will take.

Well, how does that exactly make sense?

"It's like Inspector Clouseau, you're going to have to connect the dots there," Roseman said.

By giving up basically five picks, including a 2017 first-rounder, the Eagles are clearly indicating they believe in both Wentz and Goff.

"You have to be very comfortable with both of those quarterbacks and believe that they have a shot to being great, to being Pro Bowl caliber. If you felt really strongly about just one and you didn't feel like you knew the direction [the Rams] were going in, then you'd wait until you are on the clock to make this trade."

Wentz, 23, is 6-5, 237-pounds from Bismark, North Dakota. Wentz was the starting QB for the FCS North Dakota State Bison for just two seasons. His greatest attribute is his athleticism and physical tool. He's been compared to Blake Bortles on the low end and Andrew Luck on the high end.

Goff, 24, is 6-4, 205-pounds from California. He started for three years at the University of Cal. He has an absolute cannon and can really sling the football. Goff is more slender and has been compared to Matt Ryan.

Roseman likes them both.

"It's like vanilla or chocolate," Roseman said. "You know? It's like pepperoni pizza or sausage. What do you like better? And that's the best part about this, is that, they're not the same guy. They're different. They're unique in so many ways and at the same time, they both have some really great traits and that gives them a chance.

I like vanilla and chocolate."

After re-signing Sam Bradford and signing Chase Daniel this offseason, it may make sense for the Eagles to move Bradford for another draft pick. Roseman says, not so fast.

"Let me be clear, Sam Bradford is out starting quarterback," he said at the beginning of his presser on Wednesday. "We've told Sam that. We intend to support him and the moves we made this offseason will give us a chance to compete this season."

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