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How To Know If Your Child Is Ready For Camp

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Making sure your child is ready to go to camp is key to making their camp experience enjoyable and memorable.

A young child may not handle being away from home as well as an older child.  Using visits with family and potentially trying a Day Camp first may be a better judge of id they will be comfortable attending an over night camp.

According to the American Camp Association being able to answer these few key questions, "What is your child's age? How did your child become interested in camp? Has your child had positive overnight experiences away from home? What does your child expect to do at camp? Are you confident the experience will be positive?", will help you know if your child is ready for Camp.

For more information from the American Camp Association on "Gauging Your Child's Readiness For Camp" click here.


Excerpt used by permission of the American Camp Association. ©2015, American Camping Association, Inc.

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