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How Much Seth Williams' Trial Will Cost Taxpayers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Seth Williams is behind bars awaiting his October sentencing hearing, after pleading guilty last month to a Federal bribery charge and, he's left behind a hefty legal bill for Philadelphia taxpayers.

The city has spent more than $170,000 on the case -- and that amount could still rise.

So far the city has paid $171,446 in legal fees tied to the Seth Williams corruption investigation and trial.

Nearly $100,000 went to Pepper Hamilton Law Firm, and more than $71,000 went to the Morgan Lewis Law Firm.

The money was spent on representation for both city employees who were potential witnesses, and for Williams' attorney up until the moment he was charged.

Under Philadelphia's Home Rule Charter, the city must pay for an employee's outside lawyer if it pertains to their officials duties.

A spokeswoman for the mayor's office says the law department will review Williams' guilty plea and make a recommendation to the pension board.

The city can then try to recoup any attorney fees and costs, and may do so by going after Williams' pension.

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