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Home Video Report: Good Stuff From The Vintage Vault

By Bob Nelson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There's some fascinating video entertainment available today, thanks to DVD and Blu-ray revivals.

It was during President Clinton's first term that Aaron Sorkin and Rob Reiner imagined what the next commander-in-chief might look and act like. The result was Michael Douglas playing the new president, with Annette Bening as a feisty lobbyist, in The American President.

Or, if you are searching for James Bond and Company, there is now a mammoth collection of all 22 James Bond espionage adventures, which comes with a mammoth coffee table-sized album.

And then there's Walt Disney and Company's first return to 1950 to create the high-definition upgrade of the pioneering animated feature Cinderella, the glass-slippered beauty tormented by a wicked stepmother until she magically blossoms into the belle of the ball.

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