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Home Video Report: 2011's Box Office Hits and Misses

By Bob Nelson

A fascinating mix on this week's video review...

From 1967, Luis Buñuel offers Belle de Jour, a subversive comedy in which Catherine Deneuve as a prim housewife discovers  a fascinating lifestyle in a new occupation, working in a Paris brothel.

Last year's Corageous (photo) is a drama of religious faith about four law enforcement officers who find they give more to their jobs than they do to their families.
The Ides of March, also from 2011, deals with an ambitious young press secretary who learns the realities of political travel from a govorner played by George Clooney.
And one more from last year:  Abduction features Taylor Lautner, who acts as the son of a high-level CIA officer.  Alfred Molina and Maria Bello are also featured.

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