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Holiday Display At Local Mall Receives Backlash From Customers

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., (CBS) -- If you walk through the King of Prussia mall you'll see the shopping center's main holiday display. It's supposed to be a modern take on the north pole.

"What is it," one shopper said on Monday when they were shown a picture of the display.

"It looks so plain. There is like nothing to it," he added.

The display has confused some shoppers.

"They could have made this a good display," said Colby Park.

Park is one of those people. The 17-year-old created a petition right now with hundreds of signatures hoping to get the more traditional Christmas tree and decorations back on display.

"Currently I'm at 420 or so," Park said of the number of people who have signed.

Dan Eldridge, a freelance cultural reporter, says this push to bring Christmas back is popular right now. "I think it's pretty clear these are business decisions," he explained.

Thousands have blasted Starbucks on social media for their red cup without any of the normal Christmas imagery.

"The internet has made it easy for anybody really to push a button and get on their soap box and to spread their story or their idea to the world," Eldridge said.

He adds that any feedback from customers is important, and businesses should listen. "You're in business for your customers right, so you need to know what you can change."

In the case of the holiday decorations at King of Prussia, that seems to be just what happened.

The President of Simon malls, which owns King of Prussia, released a statement Monday:

"In six of our nearly 200 malls, Simon had developed a new Santa experience.  It was our intention to experiment with delivering a modern interactive experience for the family.  After listening to customer feedback, we immediately decided to reinstall our existing Christmas decor and hope our customers will join us in celebrating the Christmas season."

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