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History Buffs Head To Museum Of The American Revolution On Opening Weekend

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- In Old City, a new addition: The Museum of the American Revolution. It's the first weekend the museum is open to the public.

"History in general interests me because it's nice to know about everything that happened before," said Aleksei Sincerbeaux of White Plains, New York. "Even empires and things like that, it's just fascinating to me."

For the museum's first weekend open, a line of people had already formed before the doors opened at 9:30 a.m. Saturday.

"Both my wife and I are history buffs," said Irving Borenstein of New York City, "and we heard the museum has some very interesting exhibits."

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Some made the trip from out-of-state just to explore the 118,000 square-foot museum.

"I teach fifth grade and I teach about the American Revolution and the Constitution to all my students," said Charles Sincerbeaux of White Plains, New York, "so I'm really interested in seeing this."

Though full of history, the museum is also incorporating technology of today. Visitors can use the hashtag #HowRevolutionary for the chance to see their social media posts appear on a hashtag mosaic wall.

There's even a soldier in full costume: Antoine Watts participates in war reenactments.

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"There are things in school you don't learn about history," Watts said. "You hear about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams. But you don't hear about -- these are African-Americans."

And though the 'shot heard round the world' was fired 242 years ago, the hope is that through this museum, even two-and-a half centuries later, the history of this nation will be celebrated and remembered.

"We love our country," said Doris Borenstein of New York City. "We want to understand much more."

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