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Hillary Clinton Expected To Address Recent Shootings At African Methodist Episcopal Conference On Friday

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton will address thousands attending the African Methodist Episcopal conference in Philadelphia on Friday.

The Black Church a familiar stumping ground for Hillary Clinton, and leaders expect Clinton to tackle tough Black issues straight on. Rev. Mark Tyler said she will be addressing many current events.

"Not only will she speak about the shootings in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis, but she will be able to speak to it in a way that will certainly surprise a number of people."

Rev. Tyler is pastor of Mother Bethel AME Church in Philadelphia. His church and others hosted Clinton during the primary. He's since endorsed her and says she's garnered support from the mothers of Black Victims Killed by Police, and expects Clinton to deal with recent police killings, but that's just a start.

"Education and the funding of it, answers on what the federal government will do to raise the minimum wage."

A recent poll shows Clinton leading Trump among Black voters 10 to 1. She's expected to speak at 6:30 Friday night.

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