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High School Student Attacked With Stun-Gun Speaks Out

By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Video of a junior at Overbrook High School being brutally attacked while a crowd watches is making the rounds on social media sites. Police are now looking to identify the attackers and charge them with aggravated assault.

A mob of about 10-15 students, mostly girls, outside of Overbrook High School jump on a fellow student while witnesses watch, cheer and videotape the attack. The girl taking the vicious beating is 17-year-old Brooke Bethea.

"They just started coming at me and I turned around and somebody hit me in my face."

Not only was Brook punched and beaten, she was tased.

"I got tased here and right here on my forehead and on my hand cause I was blocking," said Bethea, sharing the accounts of the vicious beating. "It just felt like my head was constantly being banged on the ground and it just felt like I was really like just shaking."

A nearby storeowner finally broke up the fight and Brooke was rushed to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She says the melee began during an early dismissal from school, because someone in the group of attackers thought she said something about them.

"I didn't even know any of them, they were 10th and 9th graders under me I didn't know any of them."

Now that the video is making the rounds on sites like Facebook, Brooke has been reliving every brutal moment--her parents are heartbroken by the sight of their helpless daughter.

"Putting it on Facebook, its not funny they could have killed her a few inches over and they could have hit her brain," said Brooke's mother

"I'm going to go back to school with my head held high I'm not gonna feel like I need to be taken out of there I'm just gonna go back to school and do what i usually do."

Police later clarified that the student was attacked with a stun-gun and not a taser. An investigation into the identities of the students seen in the video is ongoing.

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