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Hi-Spot Lanes Closes Doors After 71 Years Of Business: 'We Loved It Here'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Roxborough section of the city lost a slice of it's soul last Wednesday when a 71-year-old bowling alley closed its doors forever.

"We bowled here, we drank here, we loved it here," said 83-year-old Charlie Carden who reluctantly turned out the lights.

"We'd stay open now if we could've got somebody to work it," he said. "Nobody wants to work it. I'm 83 and I can't do it anymore."

Carden and his partner John Altomare spent most of their lives at Hi-Spot.

"I used to come from school to here and learn how to set pins," said Altomare.

The pair were the last of a 40 member group of investors who bought the place from the original owner in 1970.

To the end the eight lane alley maintained the feel of that bygone era with its linoleum floor, throwback snack and soda machines and blue collar clientele.

"We'd do a BYOB and people come in with their cases of beer and bottles of wine," Carden said. "They love it, man. We had parties booked every Friday and Saturday, every weekend."

The new owners are said to be developers.

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