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'Hero' Mailman Stops Attempted Abduction In Bucks County

By Mike Dougherty

BRISTOL, Pa. (CBS) -- A mailman in Bucks County is being called a hero for stopping an attempted abduction in Bristol Boro Friday afternoon.

A pair of 9-year-old girls walking home from school were approached by a man who was following them.

"The guy grabbed the little girls necks and said 'you're coming with me.'"

The father of one of the girls says they screamed, broke free and the suspect chased them around a car -- then ran off when Fred arrived.

"Thank God the mailman was there. The mailman seen the guy, the mailman identified the guy."

Because he delivers for the suspect, whose name has not been released. He was taken into custody within an hour and the girls are home safe.

"I thanked the whole police department just now and I thanked the mailman. I am going to call the post office and tell the postmaster what a great job he did."

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