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Health: Procedure Now Approved To Melt Fat Off Thighs

By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Just in time for the summer season a new and improved procedure that is said to melt fat, no surgery and no downtime.  Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl shows you how it works.

Kaci Kelly looks terrific, but after having a baby she felt like she had a few trouble spots.

"I couldn't get rid of the love handles and the saddlebags," said Kaci.

She says the love handles are gone now after getting a procedure called CoolSculpting that Philadelphia Plastic surgeon Lou Bucky says melts fat with a targeted cooling process.

"If you freeze the area your skin survives, but the fat doesn't. And then the body through its natural course slowly metabolizes that fat and carries it away over a three month period," said Dr. Bucky.

The FDA has approved a procedure to reduce fat in the midsection.  That procedure uses suction, pulling the fat into a device.  But now there's a new model approved by the FDA.  This applicator does not rely on suction, so it can be used in more areas, like the upper legs or thigh

And Kaci, who's 39, is back for a second round.

"Not only can you lose more fat, but you can also do it in a shorter period of time.  I think that you can expect one to three inches being reduced," said Dr. Bucky.

Not that Kaci has much to reduce, but she wants to look like she did before her wedding and the baby.

The CoolSculpting apparatus is strapped onto the area being treated.  Kaci says you feel some pressure.

"It's a little uncomfortable, but no it's not painful.  It was quick and easy actually," said Kaci.

It usually takes one, one hour treatment for each area, and then three months to see full results.

"I think it's amazing.  It's the fact that you can freeze fat and then it just melts away its incredible," said Kaci.

Doctors say CoolSculpting isn't a substitute for liposuction, for people who have a lot of fat.  It's more for targeting trouble spots overall, not weight loss.  Prices start at 850 dollars, and there can be some side effects including temporary numbness and bruising.

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