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Health: Philadelphia Students Compete To Create Winning Recipe For The Best Healthy Breakfast

By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Cheerleaders from Randolph High School, pumped up about a burrito.

This is the entree from the Randolph Raptors: an apple and cheddar breakfast burrito.

"It comes with a balance between sweet and salty."

This is the second annual Culinary Voice competition sponsored by the Health Department's Get Healthy Philly campaign.

"I just wanna say that they're all awesome," said chef Mark Vetri.

Famed chef Mark Vetri is among the judges, tasting healthy breakfast creations from three schools.

"We all know that school breakfast is really important for health and nutrition, and that students who are healthy are better learners. So what better way to figure out what students would want to eat than to engage the students?"said Amanda Wagner of the Department of Public Health.

And the winner is: Randolph's burrito.

"It was good. You guys did a great job. I really liked the apples," said a judge.

Tenth grader Raine Roberts was on the winning Randolph team.

"It's a healthy option because it has lean meat and it has apples and it's tied together with cheese on a wheat wrap. It's really important because if the kids eat right it fuels their brains so they'll learn faster and easier," said Raine Roberts.

Randolph's winning burrito will now be among the breakfast options that will be served in all full service Philadelphia public schools.

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