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Health: New Way To Drop Belly Fat

by Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The secret to dropping belly fat, just in time for swim suit weather.  3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl shows you.

Diane Burlingame is ready for bathing suit season.  The Bucks County mother of two boys had put on a few pounds over the winter.  And no matter how hard she worked out and dieted, she couldn't get rid of some extra belly fat.

"I needed something to like shock my body and this was the perfect way to get that middle area toned," said Diane.  She did it with Slim Belly, a belt that's worn around the waist while working out.  Diane was among 16 people at Weston Fitness in Center City who tested the Slim Belly for a month.

"I feel more confident about myself if my middle is toned," said Diane.

The belt, which can be attached to different equipment, inflates and deflates during aerobic exercise.  The maker says the fluctuating pressure heats up the area, increases blood circulation and burns fat.

3 On Your Side checked with a leading diet expert who said increased circulation can help burn fat.  He said there's not enough research on the Slim Belly, and any results may be from exercise and dieting.

But the company says they do have research, and hundreds of thousands of people have tested it in Europe.

"The science is there.  They are showing exactly what happens when you heat up fat cells," said Sandy Weston, owner of Weston Fitness.

"I've lost eight pounds, five inches above the waist and six inches below the waist," said Aliya Keller, who tested the belt.  She gained weight and had trouble moving after gall bladder surgery.  She says the Slim Belly has her back on track.

"I was shocked and surprised and motivated," said Aliya.

Sandy says the Slim Belly is widely available in Europe.  Her gym is one of the first American test sites.

"The people that needed to lose weight they did lose weight, but what I'm more excited about are the inches," said Sandy.

Jason Carrington says since having kids and hurting his back he developed a pot belly.  After doing cardio three to five days a week for 40 minutes with the belt, Jason dropped three-and-a-half inches around his belly.

"I love it. I think it really helped," said Jason.

All the members who tested Slim Belly lost inches around the waist, about three and a half on average.  All but two, lost weight.

In addition to working out with the Slim Belly, the maker says best results come with regular weight training, and a healthy diet.

A portable model is going to be available soon.

For more information, simple click on the following links:

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