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Harvey Weinstein Still Hoping For Comeback Despite Sex Harassment, Rape Allegations

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein says he's still hoping for a comeback despite a growing list of women accusing him of sexual harassment and rape.

Both The New York Times and The New Yorker have uncovered decades of allegations against the embattled Hollywood producer, and now another accuser has come forward.

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Model and actress Cara Delevingne is now joining the long list of Weinstein's accusers. She says in a lengthy Instagram post that Weinstein often brought up sexual subjects during business meetings and tried to get her to kiss a woman in front of him.

Many of the allegations against Weinstein span decades, with victims emboldened enough now to tell their stories.

"This is a case when women are assaulted, they're really in trauma, so the symptoms are really similar to PTSD," said Adam Goodman, a therapist with Council for Relationships.

Goodman says there is often a culture of silence surrounding sexual harassment and assault for many reasons.

"There are feelings of guilt and shame around the event and sort of paralysis and being frozen in what happened," said Goodman. "It is encouraging to see a change in culture and people coming out."

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Weinstein has since been fired from The Weinstein Company and the fallout from the allegations is also being seen on Capitol Hill as congressional Democrats, many of whom have received thousands from his donations, are starting to give the money back.

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has interacted with Weinstein during political fundraisers over the years. He admits they are in no way friends and says he's appalled by the allegations against him. He says returning or donating any donations from Weinstein is a must for any public figure.

"Absolutely get rid of the money, return it," said Rendell. "You want to make a statement by doing that, that we're not going to accept this no matter how powerful the person was, no matter how much money the person gave us. It's just conduct that just cannot in any way be condoned."

Britain's Academy of Film and Television Arts says it has suspended Weinstein over the multiple accusations of harassment and sexual assault against him.

The academy said "that his membership has been suspended, effective immediately."

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