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'Harry Potter' Readers Make Better Romantic Partners, Study Finds

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Expecto Patronum! A recent study finds that people who read "Harry Potter" and other science fiction and fantasy books make better romantic partners.

Pacific Standard reports researchers found that readers of science fiction and fantasy had more positive and romantic beliefs.

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"Individuals who scored higher for exposure to science fiction/fantasy were less likely to endorse four unrealistic relationship beliefs," the study reads, according to Pacific Standard. "Romance is not the only written fiction genre to be associated with real-world beliefs about romantic relationships."

Researchers asked 404 adult participants to identify the authors who specialized in seven literary genres, which included fantasy, science fiction, suspense, horror, romance, classics and contemporary literary fiction.

Pacific Standard reports the study participants filled out a survey where they had to respond to a series of unrealistic relationship beliefs: "Disagreement is destructive; mindreading is expected; romantic partners cannot change; the sexes are different; and the expectation of sexual perfection."

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"Science fiction/fantasy readers were also less likely to support the belief that disagreement is destructive, as well as the belief that partners cannot change, the belief that sexes are different, and the belief that mindreading is expected in relationships," the study reads.

The study was published in the journal Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts.

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