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Hand Sanitizer Is Simple Solution For Sappy Mess

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Looking around, there's still some cleaning up to do from all the trees that dropped branches this winter. While the damage was pretty democratic, evergreens were hit hard because their leaves collect more ice. So you may find yourself picking up a lot of sticky pine branches that seep out sap as you saw through them and they warm up in the sunshine.

To get the sap off, I use hand sanitizer. You can keep a travel-size bottle in your pocket while you're out working, and put a pump bottle on your gardening bench or in the garage. Hand sanitizer is mostly alcohol, which dissolves the sap, making it easy to wipe off with a paper towel.

I use it to clean sap off my tools too - because hand sanitizer is so thick, it stays in place long enough for you to carefully wipe off the blade and handles so you can put your pruners away clean, instead of finding them stuck closed with sap next time you need them.

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