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Shootings, homicide rate dropping in Philadelphia, new gun violence report shows

An update on the City of Philadelphia's Gun Violence Prevention
An update on the City of Philadelphia's Gun Violence Prevention 02:04

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Shootings are down and Philadelphia's homicide rate is dropping faster than the national rate, the city's latest gun violence prevention progress report, released Wednesday, said.

Hope is the word two Philadelphia community activists used to describe what the report means to them. They feel it's just the beginning of what could be if the commitment continues.

"The job's not done," NoMo executive director Rickey Duncan said.

Day in and day out, Duncan is on the front lines, trying to put an end to gun violence in Philadelphia. New data released by the city gives Duncan hope.

"As long as it's working," Duncan said, "let's let it keep working."

Data highlighted in the city's latest gun violence prevention progress report includes a 26% drop in homicides since 2021 and down 19% since last year.

The number of shootings through October this year is down nearly 25% compared to the same period last year.

"That was like a successful surgery, but now we need rehab," Duncan said. "After rehab, we're going to have to continue to work on it."

Pastor Carl Day agrees. He feels the change is coming as everyone from law enforcement to community groups is adapting to a post-COVID-19 world.

"Philadelphia is showing that, like, no we actually know what we're doing," Day said.

The city says it has made a historic investment of $346 million in funding over the past two years toward gun violence prevention. Another $250 million investment is expected next year.

But Day wants a more long-term serious commitment from the city and its stakeholders.

"If we literally go ahead and double down on those investments, make those commitments," Day said, "there's no reason why we shouldn't be seeing 40% reduction by next year."

It's a sentiment these activists said is filled with hope and backed by numbers.

Read the full report on Philadelphia's Gun Violence Prevention below.

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