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Guilty Verdict For Chester County Man In Shooting Of Neighbor's Dogs

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Chester County man who shot and killed his neighbors' two dogs in February was found guilty of animal cruelty Wednesday (see previous story).

The trial of 73-year-old Gabe Pilotti started Monday and ended with a jury's guilty verdict two days later.

"This is just a reminder that justice will be done should anybody harm those dogs and anybody who might harm a dog, you've got to look at this and think twice," Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said.

Earlier this year, Pilotti of Chester Springs says he was protecting his sheep from his neighbor's Bernese mountain dogs after they escaped their yard. But Hogan says Pilotti took it too far, killing the dogs; two-year-old Argus and one-year-old Fiona.

"He took out a single shot shotgun, shot the first male dog in the head and then shot the second smaller, female dog as she was running away," Hogan said.

Pilotti will be sentenced late next month and is facing up to five years in prison for each count.

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