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Groups To Announce Campaign For Pennsylvania Immigration Reform

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Nearly two dozen Pennsylvania organizations are holding a joint press conference this morning to announce a new statewide campaign for fair and humane immigration reform.

Pennsylvania United for Immigration reform includes a diverse group of immigration advocates, unions and community groups from across the state, that have united to ensure the voices of undocumenteds in Pennsylvania are heard.

"We know that the immigrant community is increasing. Philadelphia for instance has seen some dramatic increases."

Natasha Keleman is Executive Director at the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition, which is organizing the campaign. She says the new group will hold a number of events in coming months, culminating in a national mobilization effort in DC on April 10th.

"It's really an opportunity for our group to state our position, as well as provide immigrant individuals and families who would be impacted by the reforms to tell their stories."

Keleman says the group supports more visas and a path to citizenship, but is wary about reforms that would break up families.

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