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Some Well Known Philadelphians Enlisted To Promote Vegetarianism

By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's Philly Veg Pledge week!  In case you didn't get the memo, a Philadelphia-based organization is promoting vegetarian eating this week, and has some city luminaries signed up to honor the pledge.

Rachel Atcheson, Philadelphia director of the Humane League, says among those who are joining the cause, at least temporarily, are Philadelphia schools superintendent William Hite; Alex Mulcahy, publisher of Grid magazine, which focuses on sustainability; and Judy Wicks, legendary founder of the White Dog Café.


atcheson_rachel humane _glovas
(Rachel Atcheson, in her Humane League office, in center city. Photo by Kim Glovas)


What does it mean to take the pledge?

"That means that you are pledging to go vegetarian for one week," says Atcheson.  "And you are pledging to document it as well.  As much as going vegetarian for a week is great, spreading the word that it's easy, spreading the word that it's accessible is really what we're intending on having this week be."

Atcheson says nearly 200 other people have also promised to eat vegetarian through Sunday, April 26th.  This Thursday, the Human League will be unveiling the Greater Philadelphia Veg Dining Guide to help pledgees along the way.


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