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'They're So Disrespectful': Philadelphia Police Investigating After Several Teens Throw Ice At Wawa Customers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police are investigating after several teens stormed into a Philadelphia Wawa on Wednesday afternoon and threw ice at customers. The chaotic scene unfolded at the Society Hill store on the 500 block of South 2nd Street around 3:45 p.m.

For the second time in less than a week teenagers stormed into a South Street business. A nearby employee is fed up and wants these "disrespectful" teens punished.

"They're so disrespectful. They have no morals at all," Fred Bedford, who works on South Street, said.

Bedford works at Head House Flats and says this is nothing new for the area.

"What happened was they ran into the store like they always do, but then when they come out, they lay their bikes on the ground and then they come out pockets full, water, everything. Take what they want, come running out the store, knocking people over, whoever's in their way, get out of my way. That's what they do and they will knock you down. They will make sure that they get on their bikes and start running off," he said.

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Bedford says he saw about seven kids on their bicycles, causing a commotion Wednesday.

According to police, the teens already started to disperse by the time officers were able to get there. It's a problem that Philadelphia police have been dealing with throughout the summer.

Just last week, a Walgreens was looted on the 1800 block of South Street by 60 teens and a 46-year-old customer was assaulted on the Fourth of July.

Residents who work on South Street say they can't understand why people would choose to loot businesses with their free time.

"They're not older, they're young kids," Adilen Padilla, who works on South Street, said. "So it's shocking that they're doing it, just to be on social media or whatever."

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While police are working on tracking down the kids responsible, those who work on South Street say more needs to be done.

"Hard to catch those kids on bikes," Bedford said. "But what the police need to do is have bicycle cops down here to catch them. They would catch them, throw them in jail, have their parents come get them, fine their parents about $250, $300. I bet you it would stop all that."

No injuries were reported and no arrests have been made. Police have not provided additional information about the incident.

Police have posted curfew signs on the outside of the store to remind anyone under the age of 18 not to be out on the streets past 11 p.m. during the week.

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