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Delays, Cancellations At Philadelphia International Holding Up Thanksgiving Air Travel

By Mike DeNardo, Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- Winter weather is causing delays for the 90,000 people flying to and from Philadelphia International Airport on this day before Thanksgiving.

The storm has prompted the FAA to issue a ground delay here until 10pm because of low ceilings.

"A ground delay means that planes scheduled to take off in another city and come to Philadelphia are being held at their departure place," explains Airport spokeswoman Mary Flannery. "That means arrivals will be delayed here."

Some, but not all. Many travelers did their best to depart before the snow. Jeanette Elliot of Pottstown is on her way to Disney World.

"We stayed on the weather, checked everything. We knew we'd be out of town before the snow hit," she said.

Many travelers don't have to run to catch a flight.  They are taking the delays in stride.

"Delayed about an hour but I'm okay with it," said Kevin Klevesahl of Oregon.

"Might as well make the best of it," said Lourdes Whiteman.

Most folks packed their patience and gave themselves plenty of time to get here.

"We drove down from Bethlehem, it was pretty bad in the Lehigh Valley so once we got here it wasn't too bad," said Shelly Mule of Bethlehem.

The one thing that could put a wrench in their plans -- cancellations.

By noon, there were more than 100 inbound and outbound flights that got the ax.

Depending on the weather, there could be more cancellations to come.

"It seems right now the Philadelphia International Airport is right on the divide between rain and snow and wet snow so we have to see," said Flannery.

Flannery says they have been de-icing planes and other preparations to get ahead of the storm.

"Everyone is here is ready geared up because of the snow we had last year, the many snow falls we had last year," said Flannery.

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