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Grossman Promises To Combat Democratic Corruption In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Republican candidate for District Attorney in Philadelphia, Beth Grossman, discussed her campaign with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, saying she changed parties and decided to seek the office because she is tired of seeing the misdeeds of the Democrats in the city.

"For many many years, all my life, I was a Democrat and in 2013, I switched parties because I got tired of the Philadelphia Democratic corruption that was going on within the party and, since that time, we have had 12 judges, over half a dozen State Reps, Chaka Fattah, a Congressman, Kathleen Kane, our Attorney General, and now Seth Williams, our former District Attorney, for whom I worked, all who are Democrats. My entire career has always been a local focus, I'm a local prosecutor, that's what I've done. But as a Philadelphia taxpayer and a resident and somebody who took her oath of office very seriously, I've had it. That was enough."

Grossman stated she was not surprised by the demise of former DA Seth Williams and promised to improve the office should she win November's election.

"I think many of us knew that this was coming for several years... I can't say anything definitively, but just based on behavior and certain things, I feel comfortable saying that we were not surprised...The DA's office has been in existence for, I think, almost 170 years and the fact that this happened is just absolutely mind blowing to me. It's heartbreaking and the fact that the highest elected law enforcement official, whose name is on the door, is the one who is doing this, it defies the imagination because the people who work there, who do their job, day in and day out, the prosecutors, the support staff, the police personnel, are some of the finest people with whom I've worked. It has really demoralized the place. It really, really has and they deserve better and, most importantly, the public deserves better."

She called her Demcratic opponent, Larry Krasner, out of step with residents of the city and questioned why he is relying on donors and sources of funding outside of the region for his campaign.

"This man has an extreme, dangerous agenda, and why somebody who is a European billionaire has interests in how Philadelphia is run and has no clue about the needs and concerns of all our varied neighborhoods throughout the city is very, very disturbing. Look, there's always need for fairness and improvement in the criminal justice system. Whatever it is, the law is a pendulum that goes back and forth. It always needs to be tweaked, but for somebody who really focuses upon those accused of crime as victims, as opposed to those who have been harmed by others, is very, very disturbing to me."


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