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Philadelphia Couple Gets Married By Their Real Estate Agent

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Dozens showed up for a wedding in Center City Saturday. That doesn't sound unusual, but this was not a usual wedding.

Eyewitness News was there as Samantha Horchos and Zachary Kimmel were married.  We first introduced you to the couple in 2020.

That's when they were buying a home in the middle of the pandemic. The realtor who helped them find a home then officiated their wedding.

Philadelphia Couple Gets Married By Their Real Estate Agent

"We found this home, they walked inside and they knew right away that it was the right one," Gregg Kravitz said, the realtor, said. "And just like today, when they first met each other they knew right away they were the right ones for each other. It's not everyday that your realtor gets to actually officiate a wedding, and I could not be more honored and excited. They are a beautiful couple, and I'm just excited for today."

At the time, the couple had trouble buying a home because of high demand.

But they say they're happy they found a great place.

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