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Green Furniture Stores In Philadelphia

Philadelphia-area residents can minimize their carbon footprint by shopping local for earth friendly and sustainable home furnishings. In addition to being minimally impacted by the production of eco-friendly pieces, buying green furniture can preserve and protect our planet. This is because earth friendly furniture is crafted without polluting or negatively impacting the environment. Often made from reclaimed metal, cloth or wooden furniture, green furniture can also be made from sustainably harvested natural products, including wood, cotton or bamboo, or it may be crafted from wood or other materials salvaged from old buildings and structures, such as deconstructed houses or barns. Here are just few Philadelphia spots that offer sustainable furniture for the home.

Green Wolf’s Elegant Junque

Green Wolf’s Elegant Junque is located in Skippack Village, located in Montgomery County just outside of Philadelphia. Green Wolf is an eclectic mix of antiques, art and artifacts, vintage clothing and jewelry and hand-dipped candles that are made locally. The shop also offers “farm-fresh” furniture that is crafted by the shop’s owner from reclaimed wood salvaged from Pennsylvania barns. In addition to this green, custom-made furniture, Green Wolf offers monthly art exhibitions to display and sell the work of local artists.

Fell Furniture

Fell Furniture operates out of Philadelphia to provide sustainable furniture to homes and businesses along the Mid-Atlantic Seaboard. With the mission to create “fine furniture of artful design using sustainable fabrication methods and materials,” Fell Furniture creates furnishings crafted from environmentally friendly materials and finishes, including hardwoods and bamboo plywoods that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC stamp means that every party involved in the creation of a piece of furniture, from the planting, harvesting and shipping of the wood to its rough cutting and sale to furniture manufacturers is committed to sustainable practices. The sealants used on Fell products is a water-based natural whey finish, a long-lasting, durable product with VOC levels lower than the Federal minimum standard. Furnishings are upholstered using fabrics that are environmentally friendly and certified for low chemical emissions.


MIO, based in Philadelphia, provides sustainable product-development consultation services to clients that include Anthropologie and Target. MIO sells its own line of green furniture online as well as from its flagship store at 446 North 12th Street in Philadelphia. Dedicated to “transforming sustainable products into desirable products,” MIO’s goal is to transform consumer culture, resulting in a consumer who craves sustainable and responsible products, ultimately resulting in realigning consumer desire with environmental responsibility. To make its products available and affordable to the widest possible market, MIO strives to keep prices reasonable. MIO uses sustainable methods to produce its products, including closed-loop manufacturing and the sourcing of green materials. Each item sold has its own “Eco Stats” scorecard that notes the use of renewable materials as well as the product’s recyclability and biodegradability. Materials are chosen because of their recyclability and ease of disassembly. MIO's production partners are selected for sustainability, and are chosen for geographic location, commitment to innovation and efficiency and for their labor practices and working conditions. 

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