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Grant Ave. in NE Phila. Again Listed As City's Most Dangerous Road For Older Drivers

By David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- As many of us mark Grandparents' Day this coming Sunday, AAA, the motoring advocacy agency, is offering a reminder to make sure seniors are driving safely as they age.

The agency is also reporting on Philadelphia's most dangerous roads for those over 65, and one in the northeast again tops the list.

For the last several years, Grant Avenue -- from Roosevelt Boulevard down to Blue Grass Road -- has seen the most crashes involving senior citizens of any stretch of highway in the city.

"It's a very busy area with a lot of seniors," notes AAA spokeswoman Jenny Robinson.   "(There are) a lot of concerns there because really, very simply, senior crashes happen in places where there are more seniors."

Plus, she points out, a lot of places to shop.

So what to do?  As mom and dad age, and kids get concerned, that often leads to "the talk" about driving or maybe just taking the keys away.

Robinson says it doesn't necessarily have to come to that.  She says elders need to know their limits as they age, and work within them.  She says there are also classes available in several locales (and online) that could help seniors remain safely behind the wheel -- and even lower their insurance rates a bit.



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