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Grandfathers: Biggest Change In Parenting Is Technology

By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Fatherhood has always brought happiness and challenges to men called "dad," but what about those men who've worn the title for decades.

Some say younger dads are too relaxed in their approach to parenting.

Others say kids these days are too dependent on their parents.

But all the grandfathers I talked to say the biggest change in parenting is technology.

"I remember when my kids were younger and the first thing that came out was a portable calculator. Today kids four-years-old have iPads of their own and it's just too far," said one grandfather.

"A three-year-old is on the computer today playing games. My wife has trouble with the computer," said another.

And they say they hope today's dads will figure out how to balance advances in technology and good old fashion parenting.

"A lot of kids won't learn how to socialize and more importantly won't know how to learn," one grandfather said.

These granddads say there are lots of things that changed from when they were young dads, but they are proud of the job their sons are doing as dads.

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