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Grace Project Empowering Women By Capturing Courage, Beauty, Grace Of Breast Cancer Patients

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) -- There was a special kind of photoshoot Thursday in Wilmington to help empower women with breast cancer and raise awareness. It's a traveling photography exhibit that features breast cancer patients, and it's called the Grace Project -- and as you'll see, these are no ordinary photos.

Amy Fiedler-Dluhy never thought she'd be in this kind of a photoshoot.

"I am a true warrior," Fiedler-Dluhy said.

As part of her healing process, she's being photographed topless for the Grace Project that aims to capture the courage, beauty and grace of breast cancer patients.

"I want to bring awareness," Fiedler-Dluhy said. "You can get through cancer, you can make it in life. You just have to keep positive and keep going."

Photographer Charise Isis is traveling the country, taking hundreds of pictures like these.

"I feel like we live in this culture where we have such a narrow concept of beauty," Isis said. "So my goal is to shift the way people view the human body."

She says she was inspired by sculptures like the Venus de Milo, something that's broken but still beautiful. She wants to turn survivors into goddesses with the photographs.

"The more people that see these types of images, the more that becomes an acceptable body," Isis said.

Among the women gathered in Wilmington for this stop in the traveling exhibit is Seta Gharadaghian, who's 35 and battling breast cancer.

"It's amazing. I think there's so much healing that goes on when you're able to be within a group that supports each other," Gharadaghian said.

And then there's the empowerment that comes with being photographed.

"It was very freeing very open and it will just bring awareness to the cause," Gharadaghian said.

So far, the Grace Project has photographed about 400 women and men impacted by breast cancer.

Isis says her goal is to get 800, the number of people diagnosed with breast cancer every day. You can check out more information regarding the project by clicking here.

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