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Governor Wolf To Allow School Bill To Become Law

PENNSYLVANIA (CBS) -- Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is allowing a school code bill, approved by the Senate last week, to become a law.

A decision that's drawing its fair share of criticism.

Governor Wolf isn't signing or vetoing the bill, meaning it will take effect next week.

In a statement, the governor says parts of the bill, like delaying the Keystone Exams and expanding opioid education in schools, are necessary.

But he admits he has concerns about some components, in particular, when it comes to laying off teachers for economic reasons, schools districts can do so based on performance evaluations and not seniority.

That's the major concern for the Pennsylvania State Education Association, who represents nearly 200,000 teachers and school employees throughout the state

They tell us it's "disappointing" that any factor other than experience be used when it comes to teacher furloughs.

But, the PSEA calls this bill "significantly better" than other ones Governor Wolf has vetoed in the past.

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