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Gov. Wolf Hears Feedback From Pennsylvania Residents On Redistricting

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Gov. Tom Wolf stopped at the campus of Saint Joseph's University on Wednesday to hear from citizens and interest groups trying to help reshape Pennsylvania's voting districts in the wake of a state Supreme Court ruling ordering a redrawing of voting maps.

During a forum on the process of redistricting and the gerrymandering that went into the latest map thrown out by the high court, citizens registered their frustrations and urged the governor to bring about a non-partisan solution.

"I'm met by citizens, concerned about our state, concerned about the toxic political climate and determined to do what they can to bring gerrymandering to an end," said one woman.

"If you don't bring values and talk about values, the process will remain broken," said one man.

For his part, Wolf says he's prepared to work with the Legislature and the court to fix things.

"This is our chance to make fairness the order of the day - not gerrymandering," Wolf said. "And I think the people are legitimately upset about the way our maps look."

The clock is ticking. Wolf says he expects to have a new redistricting map in hand for review by the end of next week.

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