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Governor Corbett Signs Controversial Voter ID Bill Into Law

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa (CBS) -- Just hours after the state House sent it to him, Governor Tom Corbett on Wednesday evening put his signature on the controversial bill that will require voters to show photo ID when they go to the polls in November (see related story).

Moments after signing the bill, Corbett said photo IDs will not be required for next month's election, saying the primary will essentially be a dry run for the November election.

"The IDs will be asked for in the primary, but not mandatory," said Corbett. "Those who forget an ID will be reminded to bring one to the general election.  In the primary at the local polling locations, voters will be provided a handout explaining what forms of ID are acceptable."

The governor says PennDOT will immediately begin issuing photo IDs to people who need one to vote. While the IDs will be free of charge, opponents of the new law say those who need them may incur other costs and inconvenience, such as acquiring necessary documentation like a birth certificate.

Democrats promise to challenge the law in court.

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