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Governor Corbett Defends His Handling Of Sandusky Investigation

By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Governor Corbett is denying that the investigation of Jerry Sandusky was understaffed when he was attorney general.

"Absolutely false. Absolutely false," said Governor Corbett.

During a session with reporters hours after the Freeh report on Penn State was released, he vigorously denied the often-reported claim that only one investigator in the attorney general's office was assigned to the Sandusky case.

"Once it came to our office, we put agents on it. And in fact, we put agents on it who were – I don't know if this is publicly known – they were pure narcotic investigators from up in that region. But they had all been police officers before. And they dug into this."

And Corbett says more state police resources were committed to the investigation after he became governor.

Corbett, who once again found himself defending the pace of the Sandusky probe, said the length of investigations varies by many factors.

First and foremost, in this case, finding witnesses who are willing to come forward and admit they were assaulted.

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