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Deal To End Government Shutdown Receives Strong Reaction From Pennsylvania 'Dreamers'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The deal to end to government shutdown is getting strong reaction from Pennsylvania immigrants, and some are focusing their anger on Sen. Bob Casey.

"Senators like Casey have promised that they would stand up and stand with Dreamers," said Adan Jesus Marin.

Marin, executive director of Make the Road PA, is on a bus along with dozens of dreamers who are headed to D.C. to demand accountability from
Casey for his vote to reopen the government without a Dream Act.

"This has been a trail of broken promises," he said.

"I still believe that our young people are being used in this moment," said Erika Almiron.

Almiron runs Juntos and says Dreamers lives are being used in a game of political football.

"They are actually looking at the elections at the end of the year rather than thinking about what is right," she said.

Olivia Vazquez has DACA, and says the president and Congress needs to do their job.

"Because I think what we don't realize is we are talking about people's lives," said Vazquez.

Casey issued a statement saying if Republicans fail to work in a bipartisan way he will hold them accountable.

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